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i fucked up

"This is the melody that will draw you into the infinite darkness that absorbs even time… Listen to this, the Nocturne of Shadow!!”

Avatar: The Legend of Korra book 3 slow motion shots


Your name will echo throughout history.


Faces of Seven of Nine || The Doctor (Body and Soul)
› Seven downloaded my program into her cybernetic matrix. An interesting sensation, to say the least.


Lin’s not having any of your bullshit today 


Chuck Jones’s original model sheet, graphite and colored pencil on paper glued to a 12 field sheet of animation paper, for Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, circa 1945. Their premier was in his 1949 short cartoon, “Fast and Furry-ous.”

Speaking of Wile E. Coyote. You do know that he’s in a competition to be chosen as the one thing that says, “Smithsonian” out of all of the items currently in Smithsonian exhibitions, don’t you? Today’s the last day of voting for round one and Wile E. is very close to being moved to the second round — your vote might be the one to do it! Click here to vote! You’ll find him in the “Culture” section. 


Propaganda and Militarization of the Slime Kingdom

*muffled Black Sabbath in the background*